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Nightly automated builds available on

Older releases : available versions at BerliOS or SourceForge


The binaries available here are freely redistributable (cover mount CD/DVD, download site,...) BUT they must be redistributed as they are. In particular, it means you cannot alter/replace the installer to bundle avidemux with other programs (for example: browser toolbars). Doing so would invalidate your license to redistribute and you would be providing counterfeiting software.

Linux, source

see 2.6.x compilation instructions

2.6.8 (tar.gz),, SourceForge ,
MD5 : 33d0cd47cb84a4e9f4e1b3160405c85c

see 2.5.x compilation instructions

2.5.6 (tar.gz), , SourceForge ,
MD5 : 00e479dd806b94a98d3f0f40639e88a9

Ubuntu —

Debian — Christian Marillat packages

Mandriva — PLF


If it crashes after loading a video, disable openGl in preferences.

win32 2.6.8 v2 Install (32 bits), SourceForge,Berlios,
MD5: a17198bc99c50deeed0b56c556903f14

win64 2.6.8 v2 Install (64 bits), SourceForge,Berlios,
MD5: d41a33b5a5e6a5fc0d1c27449f289a9c

Mac OS X

2.6.8 Moutain Lion 64bits (dmg),, SourceForge ,
MD5 : e5864aa861917ee973954d0ddaef84ea

Info on how to build 2.6.0 bash script.
Info on how to build 2.5.6 or 2.6.0 with homebrew.


PBI are available at PBIDIR

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