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2019-08-31: 2.7.5: Win64 oops

Some support libraries were not properly generated. That led to issues with x265 and png support.

This release only updates the support libraries for win64, no other changes

2019-08-15: 2.7.4: Tons of bugfixes from Euma

* New Feature:Detect and warn when cut points in H.264 video streams may result in playback issues despite being on keyframes

* FFmpeg:Update to the 4.1.4 release

* Core:Fix MSVC++ builds do not run when the path to user directory contains non-ASCII characters

* Decoder:Fix DXVA2 HW accelerated decoding on Windows 7

* Decoder:Fix DXVA2 HW accelerated decoding stops sometimes on cuts

* Decoder:Enable HW accelerated decoding of 8-bit HEVC for recent versions of Intel graphics driver on Windows

* Encoder:Fix regression with saved x264 and x265 profiles not found (MSVC++ only)

* Demuxer:Dynamically load VapourSynth Script library to avoid error messages on Windows if VapourSynth is not found

* Demuxer:Provide correct average audio bitrate in the Mp4 demuxer if the exact value for the particular codec is unknown

* Demuxer:Fix crash loading MP4 file with number of audio tracks exceeding the max supported

* Demuxer:Support audio tracks in fragmented MP4 files (the variety with empty moov only)

* Demuxer:Support E-AC3 audio tracks in MP4 files

* Demuxer:Fix ASF demuxer still broken by chance with MSVC++ only, the fix relevant for all platforms

* Demuxer:Support more varieties of BMP images

* Muxer:Optimize output of the Mp4 muxer for streaming on Windows too

* Muxer:Add option to the Mp4 muxer to output fragmented MP4 files

* Muxer:Label HEVC video in Mp4 in a way compatible with QuickTime on macOS

* Filter:Fix assembly in Yadif deinterlacer with MSVC++

* UI:Enable automatic application scaling on Windows for recent Qt versions

* UI:Fix silent mode, automatically confirm dialogs instead of choosing the default option

* Audio:Support WMAPRO audio codec for decoding

* Audio:Support AAC with signal band replication (SBR) in external audio tracks

* Audio:Fix saving AAC audio tracks with SBR to a file

* Audio:Improve resilience to false positives when probing external audio files for AAC

* Miscellaneous:Fix crash with OpenGL or DXVA2 video output in 32 bits Avidemux on Windows (better late than never)

* Miscellaneous:Fix regressed handling of empty frames in MPEG-4 and FRAPS video streams

* Miscellaneous:Numerous other fixes and polish

2019-03-22: 2.7.3: VC++ bugfixing release

Please uninstall 2.7.2 first., update is not fully working

* Vapoursynth is now dynamically loaded to avoid error popup

* ASF/WMV demuxer fix

* BMP decoder fix

* Re-enabled PNG decoder

* Basic save current state when crashing

* Misc small improvements

2019-03-15: 2.7.2: The VC++ ibeta has some teething issues .

* If you are annoyed by the warning about missing vapoursynth library, remove plugins/demuxer/libADM_dm_vapoursynth.dll (as admin)

* The PNG reader was broken, fixed in the nightly (

* BMP reader is unreliable

2019-03-11: 2.7.2: Another nice release from Euma. It contains a lot of changes and be considered semi-beta (i.e. more beta than usual).

* Win64 version are now compiled with Visual C++, it should help stability wise. You should de-install the previous version first

* New Demuxer:Native AviSynth demuxer (MSVC++ 64 bits Windows builds only), 64bits avisynth only !

* New Demuxer:VapourSynth demuxer to directly load .vpy scripts (MSVC++, macOS with Homebrew, custom Linux builds), 64bits vapoursynth only on win64!

* New Installer:Replace NSIS installer with Qt Installer Framework for native MSVC++ 64 bits Windows builds

* New Encoder:Add FFmpeg-based VA-API HW accelerated H.264 encoder (Intel/Linux)

* New Encoder:Add FFmpeg-based VA-API HW accelerated HEVC encoder (Intel/Linux)

* FFmpeg:Migrate to the 4.x branch

* Decoder:As a result of the FFmpeg upgrade, HW accelerated HEVC decoding on macOS is now available when supported by the hardware

* Encoder:Fix issues with image quality and skipped frames in the MJPEG encoder

* Demuxer:Fix audio delay calculation in the Mp4 demuxer

* Demuxer:Fix crash loading large MP4 files with LPCM audio

* Demuxer:Fix multiple issues in the ASF demuxer, allow to cancel indexing

* Demuxer:Allow to cancel indexing of MKV files

* Demuxer:Re-enable multiloading for MPEG-TS streams cut in chunks of 256, 512 MiB, 1, 2 and 4 GiB in size only

* Demuxer:Fix MPEG-TS indexer to start a H.264 or HEVC frame with the Access Unit Delimiter

* Muxer:Add Annex B to Annex B video stream filter to deal with misplaced frame boundaries

* Muxer:Add support for setting rotation flag to the MP4 muxer

* Filter:Add rubber band selector to the "Blacken Borders" filter

* Filter:Add option to deal with anamorphic display to the subtitle filter, fix issues in SRT to SSA converter

* UI:Autosave session on video close, add session restore feature

* UI:Add file name extension when saving audio for some audio types

* Audio:Make maximum level in the "Normalize" filter customizable

* Audio:Improve AAC sampling frequency detection

* Audio:Add decoding support for multichannel Opus audio

* Miscellaneous:Fix regression playback stuck after going to the previous picture

* Miscellaneous:Fix regression "Fade to black" reset when starting filtered playback close to the end of video

* Miscellaneous:Fix regression stopping playback rewinds to the start of video if seek back to the last displayed picture fails

2018-06-09: 2.7.1v2: Small change in appImage

Some new systems (ubuntu 18.04) do not bundle libjson-c anymore.

As a result, the default audio device is not working on those systems.

The 2.7.1v2 appImage fixes that, exact same thing, just a packaging change.

2018-06-09: 2.7.1v2: Small change in appImage

Some new systems (ubuntu 18.04) do not bundle libjson-c anymore.

As a result, the default audio device is not working on those systems.

The 2.7.1v2 appImage fixes that, exact same thing, just a packaging change.

2018-06-05: 2.7.1: Another polishing version by Euma

* Encoder:Add LibVA based HW accelerated H.264 encoder (Intel/Linux)

* Decoder:Fix last frames of video not retrieved from decoder

* Decoder:Implement hardware accelerated decoding of H.264 on macOS

* Decoder:Fix keyframe-based navigation in field-encoded MPEG-2 video

* Demuxer:Fix crash in the Matroska demuxer with high bitrate audio

* Demuxer:Fix too short duration reported for MKV and MP4 with B-frames

* Demuxer:Fix PTS delay calculation in the Matroska demuxer

* Demuxer:Fix audio delay ignored by the Mp4 demuxer

* Muxer:Improve resilience of FFmpeg based muxers against decode timestamps irregularities

* Muxer:Allow to force display aspect ratio in the configuration of the MP4 muxer

* Muxer:Fix crash in the AVI muxer on switch to OpenDML

* Images:Add PNG export, fix wrong colors with some colorspaces

* Images:Add feature to export selection as JPEG images

* Editor:Fix AVI with H.264 / HEVC without B-frames being not seekable

* Editor:Make AVI with H.264 / HEVC containing B-frames seekable by decoding the entire video

* New Filter:Still Image: generate video of specified duration out of a single image

* Filter:Make eq2 video filter partializable

* Filter:Implement fade-in / fade-out transition for "Add logo"

* UI:Display selection duration in the UI, move filter preview toggle to the toolbar

* UI:Warn right away if an edit would result in cuts being not on keyframes

* UI:Improve time chooser dialog

* Audio:Add Opus encoder

* Audio:Allow LPCM in FFmpeg-based muxers

* Audio:Show duration for external audio tracks

* Miscellaneous:Improved overall polish and stability

2017-08-15: 2.7.0: Win32 binaries on fosshub was damaged, it has been re-uploaded under the name v2

2017-08-15: 2.7.0: On windows, some antivirus do not like recent versions, it is a false positive. There is no virus/trojan...... The code is generated on linux.

Core:FFmpeg switched to the 3.3.x branch

- Editing:Fixed frame computation bug that led to bad cutting (euma)

- i18n:Korean translation (sheppaul)

- win32:Put log files into the local folder (achim71)

- Jobs:Fix name of the executable search

- UI:Steplessly zoom paused video when the window is resized (euma)

- UI:Added Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut to copy the current PTS to clipboard (euma)

- Filter:eq2: UI improvements (euma)

- Decoding:Fix VP9 decoding

- Filter:Using rubber bands for crop too (me+euma)

- Build:Redone packaging on macOS

- Decoding:HEVC decoding via DXVA2 blacklisted on win32, active on win64

- New Filter:ADM ivtc

- Audio:Distinguish between AC3 and EAC3 when importing

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